About Us

Education is the first step towards building character and integrity in an individual. We aspire to make the impressionable minds value the saying ‘there is no substitute to honesty and hard work’ , and thus we have laid the foundation of Bhatnagar  international foundation school. A co-educational school aptly designed and structured for children 2.6  years and above, the institution combines fun with learning to ensure the all round development of a child. The academic session is fortified with extra-curricular and learning activities, to ensure that every child develops a yearning for knowledge, the prime requisite for confidence in later years.

International exposure sows the seeds for promoting world peace and tolerance. Our student delegations are exposed to global education and wok culture. This helps to imbibe universal values, thereby laying the foundation of a strong unbiased-society. Transcending  religious , cultural and social barriers.

The school programme provides students a platform to interact with other students across borders and continents to weave the threads of harmony, strengthen goodwill, peace and friendship among nation.

We wish you and your family well as we begin this exciting new journey together.