Computer Lab

In today’s modern world computer is an essential part of life. Computer education is based on learning as well as practice. In Bhatnagar International Foundation School, children are taught to develop love for information technology from a very early age. We have a PC based lab with smart classroom features, more than 50 student work stations and a teacher’s central control station. Each child gets ample time to explore the machine enhanced learning. The lab has internet facility and printing capabilities. In addition to this the lab is used for making academic presentations by the students. The facility provides the students with state of the art infrastructure and is used as a venue for the students to present their online follow ups. Dedicated staff takes the pleasure of imparting computer education to the little ones in a very interesting manner. Special attention is given to each blossoming talent. Computer lab is designed in such a manner that it provides excellent training to each student.

Thus, this facility ensures that the children are frequent users of computer and   keep themselves updated with the modern day technology. With ample time and the right provision of resources we assume that “They learn in a better way when they explore. So, we shall let them.”