How To Encourage Your Child To Read

Reading has a profound impact on child’s life. It not only opens up a whole new world for children but also encourages them to use their imagination and bring the words (i.e. vocabulary) and images off the paper and into their minds.

Getting children to embrace the habit of reading can be difficult with distractions like television, video games etc at their disposal. But parents can instil love for reading in their children taking following steps and ensure that their child doesn’t miss out on benefits of a good book.

To begin with get into a  regular practice of reading aloud together a book which is appealing to your child probably at night before bedtime. This helps a child to match sounds with pictures which develops child’s language skills. As your child grows and begins to read and sound out words, take turns reading to them and encourage them to find books on their own to read, ask them to bring books back home from school library.

Secondly, since kids look up to their parents and often want to mimic their behaviour so having books around at your home helps a child to view them as part of their daily life.  If you share your reading experiences with them and discuss the books they are reading helps them reinforce their reading comprehension and motivates them. Lastly, how you handle books will eventually influence how your child treats them so if they see you enjoying and treat books gently they will also do the same.

So, dear parents gear up to foster love for reading in your child and make books their best friends.